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Rob is freelance digital artist, known for his realistic impressions of a wide variety of subject matters. 
An artist who understands the brief given and can accommodate work to suit all budgets and most timescales. 

More info on Rob:

Rob GG is a designer, illustrator, character development, storyboard and scenic artist.  Rob has worked for advertising agencies, design and animation studios, film & CGI production companies in the UK and around the World.

Rob started work in 1969 with John Piper Ltd as a sculptor, illustrator, architectural / flight & tank simulator modelmaker.
He worked for Taylor Woodrow, Syricon & Siemens (Germany) as a 
petrochemical modelmaker.
Rob joined Clearwater Film Company in 1979 working on commercials
for cinema and television as storyboard artist, scenic artist, 
character development, set designer and art director. 

Rob was the art director on the 'Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends'
ot episode in 1984 and continued as art director on Series 1 to 10
totalling 182 episodes.
He was set designer on 'Tugs', Jack and the Pack. production designer on 'Here Comes Mumfi'  'Orsum Island', 'Mike DA Mustang' and project designer on 'Thomas Land at Fuji-Q Highland Japan.


Rob illustrated books: Magic Wanda & the Sculptor, Magic Wanda & the 
Gardener, Magic Wanda and the Drummer & Flying Legends Vol. 1 & 2. 

Rob flew his FULL SIZE Nieuport 17 G-BWMJ in the feature film 'Flyboys,' one episode of 'Midsomer Murders' and is also a display pilot flying PETER JACKSON'S Albatros D.Va, BE2c AND PRIVATE L4 Cub's at airshows in the UK & Europe.

some commercials Robs A/D'D: 
Sony, Denham aftershave, Access, Hula Hoops, St ivel, PG Tips, Black and Decker, De Beers, McCain, Smith's Crisps, Michelin tyres,Coors Beer, Wrigley, and Duracell, to name but a few. 

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